What is Work Motivation: Definition, Indicators, and Examples

What is Work Motivation? Employee Motication Ideas

Details about Work Motivation: Every employee must have experienced boredom in the face of daily work routines. Have you or your employees experienced this too?

A monotonous routine can reduce morale and work motivation so that later it will have a bad impact on performance and make it difficult to develop a career.

Giving work motivation to an employee appropriately will create enthusiasm, willingness, and sincerity to work. The more enthusiasm and willingness to work, this will increase work productivity.

Come on, get to know more about the meaning, indicators, and examples of work motivation so that employees are excited to work!

What is Work Motivation?

Work motivation is a psychological encouragement to someone who determines the direction of behavior (direction of behavior) in the organization and level of effort (level of effort) and is persistent in dealing with a problem (level of persistence).

Work motivation is the driving force in a person to behave and work diligently by the duties and obligations that have been given to him.

Understanding Work Motivation According to Experts

The definition of work motivation according to experts that you can know is as follows:

1. One (2012)

Work motivation is a force within people that will affect the direction, intensity, and persistence of a person’s behavior to do his job.

2. Wibowo (2014)

Work motivation is a psychological process that arouses, directs, and perseveres in taking actions directed to achieve goals.

3. Miftahun and Sugiyanto (2010)

Work motivation is an effort that can lead to, direct, and maintain the behavior of the work environment.

4. Robbins dan Judge (2013)

Work motivation is the willingness to expend effort towards goals within an organization. This is of course conditioned by the ability of these efforts to meet an individual need.

5. Pinder (2013)

Work motivation is a force that comes from within and from outside a person that encourages him to start working behavior, according to the direction, intensity, and within a certain period.

One indicator of work motivation is willingness.

Elements of Work Motivation

According to Sagir in Siswanto Sastrohadiwiryo (2003), work motivation has several elements. These elements include:

  • Performance
  • Appreciation
  • Challenge
  • Responsibility
  • Development
  • Order
  • Opportunity

The factors that influence work motivation, among others:

  • Achievement in completing a task or job based on its goals and objectives
  • Appreciation for the achievement of tasks and targets
  • Nature and scope of work
  • There is an increase in responsibility
  • Supervision
  • Relationships between individuals
  • Working conditions
  • Salary
  • Status
  • Job security

The above factors will certainly determine the level of work motivation of every employee who works in a company. Other factors that can affect work motivation are wages that match performance and old-age benefits. If these two things are present in the company, this will increase the work motivation of its employees as well.


8 Indicators of Work Motivation

The following are indicators of work motivation that can directly affect employee performance, including:

1. Driving Force

The driving force is the instinct to move someone to be able to behave appropriately in achieving goals. The method used by each individual must also vary according to cultural background and habits.

2. Willingness

Willingness is the urge to do something because of outside influences, such as other people or the environment. This will is a form of reaction due to an offer from another party.

Willingness is a form of consent at the request of another person. This habit often occurs in companies when there are employees who want to help their friends work when they shouldn’t be doing the work.

3. Building Skills

Forming expertise becomes a form of the process of formation. It takes a process to form expertise to get the ability in a particular field of science. If someone already has the expertise, it is better to keep that skill honed to make it stronger and more skilled.

4. Building Skills

Forming skills is a person’s ability to perform various patterns of behavior that are complex, but still neatly arranged.

This indicator does not only cover the motor movements of each individual but also the mental side that can be achieved or not.

5. Responsibility

Responsibility is a further result of the implementation of the obligations carried out by each employee.

6. Obligations

Obligations are something that must be carried out by every employee. This obligation must be carried out optimally.

7. Goal

The goal is the final stage that the company wants to achieve to provide the best work results.

work motivation quotes
work motivation quotes

How to Increase Work Motivation for Employees

Below, you will find ways to increase work motivation for employees, including:

1. Safe and Comfortable Work Environment

The way to increase work motivation is to make the workspace where employees do their daily activities feel comfortable.

Provide some facilities that can be used by employees such as a coffee maker or a relaxing room to rest for a while. In addition, make sure their workspace has supportive lighting, air circulation, and a security system.

2. Provide Training for Self-Development

So that employees can work optimally to achieve goals, the company can also provide training that can help them to develop their abilities.

Provide training according to their skills or interest in something so that the potential within them can develop.

3. Hold an Outing

To re-evoke work motivation of employees who work every day so that the company can hold outing activities. This method can make employees refresh for a moment and can help employees to get to know each other and their co-workers.

4. Provide Wages According to Workload and Expertise

Employees will be more motivated if they get wages that are by their workload and expertise.

5. Provide a Clear Career Path

In addition to providing wages that are by the workload and expertise, many employees have work motivation from a clear career path. Every employee in all companies certainly wants a position in line with the development of their potential and better performance shown through an achievement.

A clear career path makes employees more enthusiastic about working.

6. Giving Appreciation

Giving appreciation to employees who have succeeded in doing tough jobs to feel appreciated and motivated to give more effort to advance and achieve company goals.

7. Pay Attention to Employees

To build work motivation for each employee, a boss should pay attention to his employees. The level of care and attention to employees should still be within reasonable limits as well.

Examples of Work Motivation During a Job Interview

Not a few people are confused about answering work motivation during a job interview. The reason the recruiter asks about work motivation is so that the recruiter knows more about the candidate they are interviewing. Well, here are some examples of work motivation that you can convey during an interview, namely:

1. Realistic Answers

Realistic answers during the interview should be honest and not money-oriented. That way, the company can see if the candidate wants to join to develop a career in the company.

You can answer the recruiter’s question with the following sentences:

“Besides getting a new job, my motivation for applying for a job at this company is to make a positive contribution to the company. I also want to channel and develop the skills and knowledge that I have.”

2. Optimistic Answer

In addition to being confident and honest, you can provide optimistic work motivation answers.

You can answer the recruiter’s questions optimistically, for example:

“I want to build relationships with new people and help colleagues to achieve company goals and objectives.”

3. Associating with Experience

During a job interview, you can relate your answer to the experience you already have.

Here’s how to answer questions based on your experience:

“As a marketer, I am used to being motivated by creative projects, teamwork, and being able to communicate with clients. Therefore, I want to apply the previous results and develop them in this company.”

4. Relevant Answers

Answering recruiter questions with relevant answers will show that you are a reliable employee.

Here’s an example providing a relevant answer:

“I am motivated to increase sales in this company. This is because, with high sales, companies can reap profits and can prosper their employees.”

10 Words of Work Motivation from Popular Figures

Almost every famous figure has a story of his life in achieving success. They have also been at the lowest point in their lives and they were able to get up and fight to reach their goals. Here are words of work motivation from popular figures that you can make your work motivation as well, namely:

  1. “Success is not a coincidence, it is made of hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice, and most importantly love for what you are doing or want to do.” (Pele)
  2. “Everyone has failed once, spend your share of failure when you are young.” (Dahlan Iskan)
  3. “Don’t save what’s left, but spend what’s left after saving it.” (Warren Buffet)
  4. “Be a ‘little person who thinks big. Don’t be a ‘big man who thinks small or narrow.” (Andrie Wongso)
  5. “Remember, after failing, you have to keep going and never stop because the real failure is when you stop.” (Bob Sadino)
  6. “No need to be afraid of failure, work as much as possible and believe that all your hard work will be calculated by God.” (Merry Riana)
  7. “Your future capacity depends on the books you read and the people you hang out with.” (Bong Chandra)
  8. “If you have money, you can’t be arrogant, you don’t have money, you can’t help. You don’t have a lot of money and don’t like to lie.” (Jusuf Hamka)
  9. “Young people lack experience, that’s why they don’t offer the past, young people offer the future.” (Anies Baswedan)
  10. “Do not sue your Lord for delaying your desires, but sue yourself because you have postponed your adab to Allah.” (Ibn Atha’illah)

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In a company, there should be work motivation for its employees. This work motivation is done to achieve company goals.

The decline in employee morale is a natural and normal thing. However, it is not impossible, understanding work motivation will help employee performance and performance in the future.

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