Top 5 Super Hitz Motivational Movies 2022


None of you have seen the film Lagaan, but almost all of you must have seen the film Lagaan. Because the film Lagaan is a film in which Aamir Khan fought a battle against the British with the help of cricket. I have come to forgive my rent and you and the whole village have come to forgive. It is known that if you do not know something, it does not mean that you will lose it, now if you try that thing with full respect, then you can win that thing. This is what is shown. And the people of the village did not even know the name of playing cricket, but still they played and played money cricket against the British so that they could win. One more thing is also known from this thing if you start to achieve a goal, then it takes you the whole universe to meet it. The way an English madam helped Ad too, in the same way, someone will come into your life and help you, but you should not rely on him, you start your work, then he will come after that.

Aamir Khan was seen as the main character in this film, who had done a great job and his partner had also done a good job. The film Yaar was a super duper hit. Yaar film was made for just ₹ 120000000 and this film earned more than 65 crores. Which used to be a huge amount according to those times. The film Lagaan also became the world’s highest-grossing film with a gross of 65 crores. Aamir Khan’s top films are still talked about. So the name of Lagaan is taken because the brightness of his career started from Lagaan itself.


The song Lakshya in this film is very famous. After listening to it you get the passion to achieve the goal. This story is also based on the goal in the same way. where it is displayed. How come a kid is so crazy about achieving a goal? That he leaves all the illusions and gets engaged in fulfilling his goal and fulfills his goal. You will get positive thinking from this film, in which way you too can achieve your goal. No target is impossible. The film Lakshya came in 2004. Inside this film, big names like Hrithik Roshan, and Amitabh Bachchan were included as heroes, and Preity Zinta was included as heroin. The budget for this film was very high according to one time, which was 14 crores. This film earned about 26 crores but this film was unable to become a super hit its song Lagao was more like. 

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

It has been shown in this film that you have got only one life in which you have to do everything. We have to live thousands of lives within one life. It has been shown through the hero of this film how he lived thousands of lives within just one life and found his destination and also showed his struggle. The heroes of this film are Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar. The budget for this film was 45 crores. The box office collection of this film was 150 crores. This film proved to be a super hit. In this film, you saw Katrina Kaif as a heroine, who is a famous artist. Only because of Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, and Katrina Kaif, this film had achieved a high price of 150 crores.


This is a biopic of a man who has a lot of Yadav pain inside him, this real brother of the above. Farmers lived in a village named Manjhi. The village where these people lived was on the other end of the mountain, due to which these people had to go to the village only by climbing the mountain or had to go outside the village by climbing the hill. One day the health of the farmer’s wife becomes very bad and due to some reason and being late, he is not able to take his wife to the hospital, whose change is that he wants to break the mountain. He decides in himself that I will keep breaking this mountain and will avenge the death of his wife by breaking this mountain. He slowly starts working alone and keeps breaking the mountain for twenty-five thirty-fifty years, then one day a time comes when the mountain breaks, and it is praised a lot. It must be looking like a very short story inside listening to you, but the way Nawazuddin Siddiqui has played the role inside this story. You will not feel that this is a story, you will feel that this is my story, my wife died because of this mountain, absolutely real shots have been taken out and you must watch this movie. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has played the role of Manji. It is a very low-budget film but still, it has performed very well according to its low budget and has earned a lot of money.   


Padman is a very hot movie for India because due to this movie we came to know about a revolutionary thing. About which people never used to talk openly. In this movie, Akshay Kumar played the role of Padman, who made Bhari the Padman for Superman Superman India in the country. 

Akshay Kumar is a very simple villager. Seeing the suffering of his wife, he wants to find some solution for her. But he does not understand how to make this pollution effective and how to use it cheaply. Slowly the boss understands things about the pad and then starts manufacturing it. Then he understands that employment can also be given to people and he gives employment and becomes business-minded in less profit. Every businessman and startup who wants to start all those people should watch this movie because this movie is about the latest startup business. We need a lot of people to tell us how to find an id, how to scale it, and how to scale. Do not give up and keep walking on the path of success.

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