What are the Responsibilities and Duties of Marketing in the Company?

What are the Responsibilities and Duties of Marketing in the Company

Responsibilities and Duties of Marketing in the Company 2022

The marketing division in the company is the party that has a task that is no less important than other divisions, the task of marketing is not just marketing products. 

Marketing is one of the most important activities in a company. If likened to a war, marketing is the front line in a war. Therefore, the task of marketing plays a big role in determining the progress of a company.

However, the marketing division is not a team that can stand alone, there are still relationships with other divisions within the company such as the research, production, development, human resources, and finance divisions.

Today, marketing is something that every company and organization must implement in its growth strategy. Many companies use various marketing techniques to achieve their goals.

Marketing involves many other things such as product distribution, promotion, design and creation of materials such as landing pages and social media content, building customer experiences, conducting market research and defining target markets, and much more.

Marketing Tasks in the Company

The marketing tasks for each of them are sometimes not the same, there are differences based on the type and field the company is engaged in.

However, several marketing tasks can indeed be used as their main tasks, including:

Defining and Managing a Brand

First, the task of marketing is to define what, who, and what areas the company runs in detail.

Doing Marketing Campaign Management

Next, the task of marketing is to proactively identify products and services to focus on during the sales cycle and then to produce materials and communications that spread the word.

Producing Marketing and Promotional Materials

The next task of marketing is to create materials that explain and promote a product or service. They must always be up-to-date as the products and services evolve.

Creating Content and Performing SEO Optimization for Website

If it turns out, that the company is implementing digital marketing, the task of marketing, in this case, is to keep the website content up-to-date, and also to ensure the site appears quickly when someone is looking for the type of business the company runs.

Monitoring and Managing Social Media

Still related to digital marketing, teams engaged in this field must be able to contribute, manage, and maintain social media pages. It is also necessary to be able to manage accounts carefully paying attention to material posted online.

As Media Connector

Sometimes, the job of marketing is to deal with the media. For example, when a company is quoted in the media, the job of marketing is to serve as a spokesperson for the company or guide executives on how to respond to media inquiries.

Conducting Customer and Market Research

Research is included in one of the tasks of marketing because it requires someone who can and can take to the streets to meet face-to-face with potential customers.

Collaborate with Vendors and Agencies

The final marketing task is to select and manage the agencies and vendors that produce marketing materials. It is also capable of providing marketing support, including advertising agencies, printing vendors, PR agencies or specialists, web providers, and the like.

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Marketing Responsibilities within the Company

In addition to some of the marketing tasks mentioned above, marketing also has individual responsibilities within the company.

The duties and responsibilities of this marketing should indeed be carried out in tandem, one cannot be left out. Here are some marketing responsibilities that need to be carried out.

Listening to Consumer Needs

Knowing consumer needs is an important factor that influences marketing strategy. This is the task and responsibility of marketing.

In the world of marketing, this can be done in two ways, namely through the company’s internal and external channels.

Through the company’s internal channels:

Conduct surveys or extract information from the sales and customer support team (the department closest to the customer) that may be relevant to improve or direct marketing strategies in the future.

Through the company’s external channels:

Perform searches and create actions on social media that help to better understand user needs, to convert them into customers.

responsibilities of markting manager in company
responsibilities of the marketing manager in the company

Making Product Strategy and Planning

After knowing what consumers need, then the marketing party can determine the planned product. This planned product must be marketed widely and indeed be needed by the community. That is why, as a business owner, you must choose a marketing party who is creative and experienced in planning this product.

Tracking Trends and Monitoring Competition among Competitors

One of the other responsibilities of marketing is to constantly monitor the competition in the business to learn what competitors are doing well or to identify their mistakes so as not to fall into them.

Brand Awareness

Brand or brand is a representation of the feelings shown by the products, services, and values ​​of the company. The marketing division is responsible for creating and disseminating the images, messages, and ideas that best communicate the brand values.

Finding and Using Marketing Tools

The duties and responsibilities of marketing which are equally important are to always be updated in all matters relating to the field of marketing.

That’s why, if you are someone in the marketing field, you should always be aware of new digital trends, strategies, and tools that emerge from time to time.

Coordinate with the Company’s Marketing Partners

In the world of business marketing, many other parties are also involved, such as contributors: publishers, designers, journalists, and consultants. The work of these contributors must be aligned with the company’s goals, and the department itself must control it to do so.

Providing the Best Service for Consumers

Other marketing duties and responsibilities are to ensure that consumers are guaranteed service. Products that provide the best service will be the main choice for consumers. It is very important for marketing to always prioritize the best service to keep consumers loyal to your product.

Doing Innovation

The marketing division must be able to work on new promotions, affiliate programs, customer retention techniques, improvements in message conversions, and their actions on an ongoing basis.

It could be said that the responsibility of the marketing department is to find innovation in the small details and continuous improvement.

Communicating with the Entire Company

Why is this included in the duties and responsibilities of marketing? This is because the company is a chain of members pursuing a common goal: to fulfill its mission and maximize its profits while respecting the principles of business ethics.

The whole chain will be weak if one link is brittle. Imagine if the finance or production department did a perfect job, but if the marketing division failed, the entire company would fail and the efforts of other departments would be in vain.

For this reason, the marketing division must ensure that their actions are aligned with the overall goals of the company and that they report on the work they do.

Managing the Company’s Marketing Budget and ROI (Return Of Investment)

Just like other divisions, the marketing division must be able to plan its budget for next year’s activities, develop it to maximize it, to ensure a positive ROI.

Marketing activities are an investment of time, money, and energy. And like every investment, it is necessary to measure actions to check whether they meet their intended objectives and to compare certain actions to others.

Skills a Marketing Needs to Have

Working as a marketer, of course, must have various types of qualified abilities. In addition to general skills, some special abilities must be possessed by a good marketer. Some of these abilities, such as:

Market Analyzing Skills

Market analysis is a key skill that must be possessed if you want to be a marketer. Ignorance of the market, let alone ignorance of competitors can make marketing work in vain.

Market Research Skills

Market research includes measuring the habits or behavior of audiences who will become potential customers. Strong research capabilities allow marketers to always consider their decisions.

Expertise in Understanding the User Experience

This process is divided into three stages, namely the customer journey, user interaction, and user experience. These three stages have a role in the company’s business continuity. Therefore, a marketer needs to have this skill.

Storytelling Skills

One of the marketing techniques that is currently developing is the storytelling method. The storytelling process generally uses video media, photos, or written content that makes consumers and companies feel like there is no distance between them. This closeness then makes customers more trusting and more loyal.

Marketing Skills in New Media

One of the tasks of marketing is to be able to keep up with the times. Because of that, a marketer must also understand the techniques and methods of marketing in new media.

Marketing using social media is relatively new, but it is claimed to be more effective. This is because social media is very easily accessible and seen by most potential consumers, therefore marketers find it easier to market their products.

In addition to the skills above, in marketing work, other soft skills are also required that must be possessed by a marketer. Soft skills needed include creativity, adaptability, collaboration, time management, and of course leadership.

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By knowing the marketing duties and responsibilities discussed earlier, you may be able to start thinking about how to create a good marketing division and an effective marketing plan to generate sustainable profits.

You also need to pay attention that in building a successful business, in addition to carrying out the right marketing strategy, you should carry out correct and standard financial management.

The process of managing business finances is arguably the heart of the sustainability of a business or company. If you can’t manage it properly and correctly, the business can’t last long and will die.

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