Is Customer Engagement Really a Business Trend Today?

Is Customer Engagement Really a Business Trend Today?

Customer Engagement Business Trend In 2022: Among many things, customer engagement is one of the terms that has recently begun to be heard often, especially if what is being discussed is marketing activities on social media.

The problem is, that not all business owners grow up with social media, so not a few are still confused about operating this one technology product. However, if the targeted market segment is in the Z generation age range, social media is one of the most effective marketing tools, right?

That’s okay if you don’t understand social media and customer engagement, how about we take this opportunity to know more about what this term means?

Get to know Customer Engagement more closely

In general, customer engagement is a form of interaction that customers can show for every marketing activity they receive. Of course when viewed from this understanding, actually this interaction can not only occur on social media but can also be applied directly in the offline world.

Even so, the use of social media is often considered easier to foster these interactions because social media often focuses on interactions between one user and another. Thus, it is easier for business owners to carry out marketing activities from one customer to another.

Therefore, this form of interaction is more commonly found on social media platforms, and because it is quite intense, customer engagement seems to be a new trend because many business owners then provide special social media accounts for their businesses to maintain the level of customer interaction.

Examples of Customer Engagement That Can Be Maximized

There are several examples of customer engagement that business owners should maximize:

1. Words of Mouth

When a business owner conveys a product or service that is marketed in a positive language, customers may not be able to respond sincerely because they think that the delivery is only part of the marketing activity. However, if the same delivery is made by a customer, of course, other customers will be more accepting of the opinions that arrive, right?

2. Recommendations

Just like word of mouth, recommendations are examples of customer engagement that should be taken seriously by business owners because a recommendation given by a customer has a greater potential for other customers to believe.

Both types of customer interaction have great power to drive sales figures. With the use of social media, these two interactions are even easier to build because customers can directly forward marketing information submitted by business owners; either by adding their own opinion or conveying the marketing information as is.

Customer Engagement Job

The next question is, what exactly is the task of customer engagement so that so many business owners decide to look at this one thing as something important? One answer is to build a business image more easily.

The existence of positive interactions with customers can help business owners form the desired image for their business. Words of mouth, as well as recommendations from a customer, can make the positive image you want to build more convincing.

In addition, another customer engagement task is to expand the scope of marketing activities carried out. If a post published on a social media channel is only seen by 500 subscribers, with customer interaction, this number may continue to grow or even become a viral post. Thus, the scope of marketing activities carried out will be expanded more easily.

customer engagement model tricks
customer engagement model tricks

How to Increase Customer Engagement

Considering the importance of customer interaction and its positive effect on business, it’s no wonder that many business owners are constantly looking for ways to increase customer engagement. However, if customer interaction can be increased, of course, the sales will also increase and the business income received will be greater.

No need to worry, there are several ways that business owners can do to ensure the level of customer interaction with the business can be maximized:

1. Adjusting the Content-Type

Each marketing activity carried out certainly has its own goals, and the implementation will automatically vary depending on the goals to be achieved. If the goal is the establishment of positive interactions between customers and between customers on the product or service to be marketed, the marketing media also needs to be adjusted.

Talking about marketing activities through social media, several types of media and content can be used by business owners according to the specialization of the social media platform itself. TikTok, for example, focuses on short video content while Twitter is a type of social media that focuses on text.

The difference in content is quite decisive and is greatly influenced by the market segment you want to reach. If the target market segment is those who come from generation y or millennials, for example, short video content a la TikTok might create a bad image, and the customer interactions that are built will tend to be negative.

Adjust the content you want to create with the market segment. Marketing content that can optimally invite interaction from real customers is content that is close to their daily lives. Therefore, first, identify the market segment you want to target and adjust the type of content as well as possible.

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2. Throwing Questions at the Audience

Whether it’s a short video on TikTok, a long, engaging thread on Twitter, or a stunning visual on Instagram, business owners can insert a question or two that can trigger engagement from their targeted audience.

Make the most of the caption function to ask customers about the content that has just been presented. Asking the audience to share their relatable life experiences with the content, for example, can encourage subscribers to comment in their way; either by writing a direct comment or making a private post in response to the question.

This practice can be a way to increase customer engagement because when the audience expresses their opinion on the marketing content they have just enjoyed, customers or other audiences can also see the response and it is not impossible that interactions between customers can be formed organically.

What’s more, with the algorithms used by most social media platforms, posts that have a large number of interactions will be assigned a larger audience coverage. Thus, the marketing activities carried out also have a greater potential to reach all customers, right?

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3. Requesting Direct Audience Participation

Asking questions at the end of the content presented is not the only way that business owners can use to build interaction with their audience. Explicitly asking customers to participate can also be an alternative worth trying.

In marketing activities, business owners may have heard of the term call to action which can be interpreted as an invitation, either to buy the product or service being marketed or to take other actions that can optimize the marketing content. By adding a call to action, business owners can convert marketing activities into sales.

However, business owners don’t need to rush to make the conversion, you know. Depending on the goals you want to achieve from the marketing activities you want to do, business owners can also use a call to action not to encourage customers to make a purchase, but simply as an invitation to interact with the marketing content, for example by asking the audience to share the content, giving likes. and comments, or subscribe to social media channels used to enjoy other content.

Considering that customer engagement is one of the factors that can support increased sales, and ultimately provide even greater business benefits, it never hurts to start trying to build this customer interaction in every marketing activity carried out.

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