Digital Marketing Campaign Types and Examples

Digital Marketing Campaign Types and Examples

Type and Example of Digital Marketing Campaign in 2022

Digital Marketing Campaign: It’s no secret that every company owner, maybe including you, wants his company to grow and succeed in increasing profits, right? 

You need lots of ideas and think of the best ways to achieve that goal.

There are many ways that business owners do to promote the products or services they offer.

One way that has been proven to significantly increase revenue at this time is by conducting a digital marketing campaign.

If you do a digital marketing campaign, product or service promotion activities will not recognize certain limits.

You certainly already know that the presence of the internet brings those who are far away. This is the principle you should try to apply.

You can take advantage of digital campaigns to reach a wider market to increase sales opportunities.

Digital Marketing Campaign According to Experts

Digital marketing is one of the new trends that you must learn and master with the company team so you don’t lose out on the competition.

Every expert has a different way of determining the meaning of digital marketing. In this article, major lists the opinions of the world’s most prominent digital marketing experts.

According to Marketo the notion of digital marketing is a high-level strategy in the form of promotion/advertising that is spread through search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others), websites, e-mail, applications, and social media.

From Smart Insights the definition of digital marketing is the opportunity to reach consumers through devices, platforms, media, data, and digital technology.

Meanwhile, Hubspot describes the notion of digital marketing as all marketing efforts utilizing electronic devices and the internet.

Can you imagine  Majoopreneurs? We can conclude that the notion of digital marketing is a strategy to get consumers by utilizing various digital devices in physical and non-physical forms.

Advantages of Digital Marketing Campaigns Compared to Conventional Marketing Strategies

Of course, you need to know to be able to compare yourself, why digital marketing campaigns can have a big impact compared to conventional marketing?

1. More Cost-Effective

Of course, this is the most important point for you, right? The advantage of digital marketing is that it costs less than conventional marketing techniques.

At the beginning of the branding process, you may incur huge costs. However, once your brand and follower base are built, your digital marketing costs will also decrease.

2. No Need for A  Lot Of Sales HR

One of the biggest sources of expenditure for conventional marketing is HR salaries/ fees  However if you have implemented a digital marketing campaign this will not be a problem.

You no longer need to pay many people or many teams to sell products in shops or shopping centers or around housing. Simply by spreading product promotions on social media, you can already sell products.

3. The Marketing Team Doesn’t Need To Go To The Field

The advantages of digital marketing on this one still have something to do with the previous point. Digital marketing is a strategy that makes your team not have to leave the house/office to find customers.

Simply by sitting in front of your laptop/HP and using the internet, your marketing team can do promotions.

4. Easier Product Branding Process

The next advantage of digital marketing is that the branding process is much easier and faster.

Maybe you already understand that one of the biggest weaknesses of conventional marketing is the very limited range of promotions.

In conventional marketing strategies, you need to spend more money if you want to brand wider and further to reach more consumers.

It’s different if you apply a digital marketing campaign  With just one posting of content or advertisements, you can reach consumers to the farthest corners of Indonesia, even internationally.

5. Potential for Drastic Growth

The next advantage of digital marketing is the potential for drastic growth of your business, especially in terms of sales.

Today, many examples of businesses are advancing in just a few months because of utilizing digital marketing strategies

With digital marketing, you don’t have to wait 10 or 20 years to develop into an industry leader.

Types of Digital Campaign

Digital campaigns have various types of variations. You can try one of the types of digital marketing campaigns below to carry out promotional activities.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The first type of digital marketing campaign is Search Engine Optimization or commonly known as SEO.

In short, SEO is a way for website owners to optimize their business websites.

How to optimize this website through content, namely articles that are tailored to certain keywords according to the business field of the website itself or what content is needed by the user

Through SEO, you can create a digital marketing campaign through certain keywords with high demand according to the needs of internet users when the campaign is carried out.

So, when they type in a keyword, the website you create will be included in the list of Google search results.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Slightly different from SEO, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a way to optimize websites with paid or other terms iareAds.

SEM can help you to display your ongoing digital campaign at the very top of the first page of Google.

If you’re looking for information through Google, usually the search results will show some Ads first.

These ads are included in Search Engine Marketing and of course, will be very profitable for business people who are doing digital campaigns

3. Email Marketing

You certainly know what email marketing is, right?

Email marketing is one form of da digital campaign that is quite effective. This is because the promotion or message you want to convey has been received by the email owner.

With email marketing, you can make promotions that are more personal than using social media which is more aimed at reaching a broad market.

If you want to build more personal communication with customers, then use this email marketing to improve customer relationships.

4. Video Marketing

Video marketing is also proven to produce significant results. With video, people will be more interested in watching the content you present than in other types of digital campaigns that are in the form of text or images.

To do video marketing, try the idea of ​​creating a digital campaign by creating a podcast like what many internet users are currently doing.

5. Influencer Marketing

The type of digital campaign using influencer marketing is to invite several influencers to work together in conducting a digital campaign.

Although you have to spend quite a lot of money, influencer marketing can bring a greater increase in profits as long as you are right in spending.

When a brand is promoted by an influencer the image of the brand will automatically be lifted along with the number of followers the influencers have and see product campaigns.

Digital Marketing Plan, Example
Digital Marketing Plan, Example

Digital Campaign Example

Now we will discuss some digital marketing campaigns and examples of their implementation.


The first example is the streaming platform from the United States, namely Netflix. They sell the convenience and number one quality of various films.

Indeed, the subscription fee is quite expensive. When compared to its various competitors, this platform offers a different experience. This example of successful digital marketing understands what the audience wants.

Even in India, Netflix is ​​highly considered a favorite. With such a large collection of films, viewers who are confused looking for entertainment are willing to pay and see quality shows, not just Hollywood films.

Ola  / Uber

The name Ola or Uber must be familiar, right? This online transportation service provides a big change.

Ola or Uber offers an easy way to go to passenger destinations without having to be afraid because the image of an Ola driver is quite Good.

In addition, the development of its wings is varied, such as the provision of goods delivery services, and top-up credit, to the most favorite ones such as Go-Food.

Moreover, Ola also often holds various kinds of interesting promos. You don’t want to miss out on taking advantage of the promo.

Amazon or Flipkart

Among the various e-commerce in India, it must be admitted that Amazon is the first and is still in the hearts of its customers.

Even though many marketplace players have dropped, Flipkart and Amazon remain the choice because it offers needs that can meet the wishes of buyers.

An important point in developing digital marketing techniques is understanding the wants of the market.

This example of a successful digital marketing campaign is not only because of the customers, but also the sellers.

Because they no longer need to set aside shop rent. Everything can be done from home. Ann easy, fast, safe, and reliable system like this, makes consumers comfortable.

Jio or Airtel

This cellular phone operator is considered the most successful in winning the hearts of customers of other providers. They do digital marketing techniques by working together to get results.

This operator is a pioneer in making it easier to buy a new number. They only use cell phones as an intermediary. There is no offline system and the market share is quite clear.

The advantage that Jio, Airtel has is that it uses a network from India that has number one quality. Plus they understand the wishes of young people.

Buying internet packages at affordable prices can be done online. Jio is a real example of a very effective digital marketing campaign.


The biggest impact of using technology is that PAYTM has shifted manual transactions to all digital. Paytm’s move in capturing the market’s desire was finally welcomed.

You don’t have to come to visit the bank with various documents or files. Users simply make transactions online and everything can be done without any hassle at all.

For example bill payments, balance checks, top-up credit, and of course transfers between users or other banks. All that can be done for a full 24 hours.

Everything given by Paytm bank spoils the customers. It is not surprising that its growth can be considered quite fast and become an example for other banks to make similar breakthroughs.

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Today’s business competition is very different from 15 or 20 years ago. In the past, companies used door-to-door sales techniques as one of the marketing strategies of choice, now they are considered no longer effective.

A Digital campaign is a strategy that has succeeded in replacing it. A digital marketing strategy is a marketing strategy with a very broad scope.

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